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Friday, August 6, 2010

You To Me Are Everything 2010 DVDRip w/ SoftEngSub (Filipino Movie)

Iska is a simple, happy Igorot from the mountains who suddenly inherits millions after the death of her real father. Raphael is from a rich family who suddenly finds himself penniless after his father is convicted of corruption in congress. The two meet when Iska ends up in the mansion where Raphael used to lived. As fate brings them together, Iska feels Raphael needs her insights on how to live a happy life. Since Iska is new in the business, Raphael accepts the job of being her new business manager. As the two grapple in the new realities of their own lives, they fall in love. But falling in love comes with a price and at what cost, only the two of them know.

Dingdong Dantes, Marian Rivera, Jacklyn Jose, Isabel Oli, Pinky Amador, Bobby Andrews
Directed: Mark A. Reyes

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peGuaM_BiSaYa said...

tq areal!!!waaa..da suma link saya try 2k dwnload cite nih tp last2 sumer x pat bukak..crash...pnat jer lama2 tnggu..tq amat3x!!!SAYA HARGAINYA!!!

aReaL said...

peGuaM_BiSaYa - aReaL Da Try Download Cerita Ni... Okey Ja... Mengkin Pasal U "Pause" Masa Download Kot...????

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