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Sunday, August 23, 2009

CAMSPACE - Play Any Games With You WebCam

Kiss your keyboard, mouse and joystick goodbye, and start playing games with your webcam!

Not any special games ,not with some special webcam , but ALL TTHE GAMES with ANY WEBCAM!!!

CamSpace is an amazing program that allows you saying goodbye to your keyboard and mouse and to control any game with your Webcam. You do not need a special Webcam, just one working in a Windows environment.

Once used to the few really simple steps to make it work, I am positive you will find CamSpace a really creative piece of software that will allow you feel as if owning a Wii with much more possibilities to enjoy the games you love. Just imagine the feeling of driving a Cadillac in NFS Undercover with a really cheap home-made cardboard steering wheel, forgetting about the keyboard arrows and the clicks of the mouse! Lovely, tell me if not….

So How Does It Work?:
You’re completely right. However, we’re not at all planning on recording ourselves. It’s more like we’ll be recording objects and will be using the camera’s motion sensing ability to transform these into intuitive ‘controllers’.

That’s right, using the CamSpace software, you can transform nearly any object to an input device!

You can use cardboard steering wheels for racing games, playing swords for fighting games, and a chicken drumstick for flight simulators!The implementation also works a lot smoother than would be expected. You’ll need Windows for the software, and about any webcam can be used, though older webcams tend to work less well due to a lower frame-rate and problems with light adjustments.

Would you like to know how it works? Here you are in very few steps…

First Step: Lights On
In order to transform the object you want into an input device, the first thing you must do is downloading CamSpace for free from its official website. This action, together with the installation process will take no more than five minutes, of course depending on your computer's capacities. Quickly enough, isn't it?

Once installed and on, the software will ask you to select the video device you want to employ, i.e. the Webcam you usually use to make a kind of visual contact with your friends when chatting.

And here comes one of the first important steps: you have to adjust the light surrounding you for the camera to properly catch the object, especially because it will need to differentiate colors. So, either you must be sitting in a very well illuminated room, or you can add some extra source of light so as to fully enjoy CamSpace.

Second Step: Choose and Set your Input Device
Once you have got a right FPS figure, the software will ask you to choose a colorful object that may be well differentiated from yourself, i.e. your face and clothes, since the camera will capture a wide frame. You will be asked to Lock the Object in a kind of gunpoint target, then you will have to hide the object from the camera and then once again you will be asked to put it within the capture-scope of the webcam so as to check it has correctly perceived it.

Finally: Enjoy any Game you want
CamSpace allows you playing any game you want by using an object of your choice as input device. To do so you will need to use a controller to specify what in-game action is paired up with which motion. And of course, each controller is specific to each game you want to play.

CamSpace offers a simple and quite easy way to develop new controllers by opening CamSpace and selecting 'Create New Controller' under Developer Tools in the right-click menu. I invite you to try it yourself!

Download: 7 Mb

Watch the Video:


Thanks to: Dl4all


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