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Monday, August 31, 2009

Shock video shows woman leaping into polar bear enclosure at feeding time.. and she SURVIVES

THIS is the terrifying moment a woman is MAULED by a polar bear after she JUMPED into its zoo enclosure at feeding time.

She screamed and writhed in agony as the hulking animal-one of the most dangerous land predators alive-sank its teeth into her ARMS, LEGS, HIPS and BACK.

But incredibly the 32-year-old woman SURVIVED the attack and was pulled to safety. You can see video of the amazing incident below.

Hundreds of shocked vistors-many of them children enjoying an Easter trip- watched in horror as the drama unfolded.

It started when the woman inexplicably leapt fully clothed into the enclosure at Berlin Zoo during feeding time on Friday.

Onlookers saw her smile as she swam towards the bear seemingly unaware of the danger.

But her apparent joy turned to terror when the animal, which can weigh up to 680kg and kill a beluga WHALE, bore down on her and ripped into her flesh.

Zoo workers desperately tried to distract the bear-and three others circling menacingly nearby-by hurling sticks, food and balls into the pool.

But the animal continued its attack on the unnamed woman, from Brandenburg, biting her hands and legs. Eventually a rope was thrown woman and she was pulled to safety.

She was treated by paramedics at the scene and was last night still in hospital.

Zoo curator Heiner Kloser said: "Polar bears are predators and they do not care what they eat. It was terrible but we do not wish to identify the bear involved."

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