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Monday, August 17, 2009

Two Teens Attempt To Rob a Man Both End Up Being Shot

Victim Kills Would-Be Robber
By Elizabeth Braun, Melanie Stout

MILWAUKEE - A man was being robbed at gunpoint when he pulled out his own gun and shot one of the suspects.

It all happened early Thursday near 1st and Clarke. The 23-year-old Milwaukee man was in the area when two teenagers pulled out a gun and tried to rob him.

That victim also had a gun. He shot and killed one suspect, 17-year-old Kevin Ollie. Ollie's gun also went off, and he accidentally shot the other teen robber.

The robbery victim's family says he had no choice but to fight back.

That robbery victim has never been convicted of a crime and is not in custody.

The 19-year-old surviving robber is behind bars. The DA is deciding whether he will face felony murder charges for his role in the botched robbery.

The robbery victim's family hopes that happens.

The robbery victim was not hurt during the ordeal. Friday detectives brought him to a line up to identify the robbery suspect.

A decision on charges against the 19-year-old surviving robber should come Monday.


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