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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

FOOTBALL ace Nicklas Bendtner’s £160k car mangled in crash but he escapes with life

FOOTBALL star Nicklas Bendtner's Aston Martin is left a mangled wreck after a smash from which he escaped with his life.

The Arsenal striker crashed the £160,000 black sports car while driving to his club's training ground.
Bendtner, 21, careered off the road and ploughed through a fence before smashing into a tree and coming to a stop in a field.
Amazingly, he walked away with just bruising to his shoulder and grazing to one of his knees. But the luxury motor was smashed beyond repair, with its front wheel ripped away, the driver's door caved in and roof folded downwards.

An East of England Ambulance spokesman said the Danish international had a "very lucky escape".
Bendtner is just the latest in a line of footballers, including Cristiano Ronaldo and Spurs star David Bentley, to be involved in spectacular crashes, as our slideshow highlights.
A motorist who saw Sunday morning's crash on the A1(M) near South Mimms, Herts, said: "The car wasn't going especially fast but careered off the road. The driver must have lost his concentration for a moment.

"There was a massive amount of damage to the car but he got out, brushed himself down and seemed right as rain. He's a lucky boy."
Two Arsenal staff members collected stunned Bendtner and took him for an examination at their training ground in nearby London Colney.
He missed training and has been ruled out of tonight's Champions League game against Olympiakos.
But manager Arsene Wenger said: "Fortunately there's no real damage."
Police said: "The driver was the only vehicle occupant and we are not taking any further action."


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