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Saturday, September 12, 2009

I may seem a hard nut but I’m no bully

SUGABABE Keisha Buchanan reacted furiously yesterday to reports of a new fall-out in the group - and insisted: "I'm no bully."

The 24-year-old singer launched into a rant on social networking site Twitter after The Sun told how unhappy bandmate Amelle Berrabah VANISHED for four days.

Keisha said: "I may come across as a hard nut, but I'm actually really sensitive."

She hit out as we tracked down 25-year-old Amelle, whose worried family had called COPS amid fears she'd been kidnapped.

Amelle revealed she had since spoken to Keisha and fellow Sugababe Heidi Range, 26 - and planned to join the band on tour after "a couple" more days off.

Angry Keisha told on Twitter how she awoke in Los Angeles to "25 phone calls" about The Sun's story.

She said she "didn't give a s*** about being famous" and was not responsible for previous walkouts by founding members Siobhan Donaghy and Mutya Buena.

The seething singer even said she'd take a LIE detector test to prove the current line-up all got on.

Keisha wrote on Twitter: "Why the f*** have I just woken up in LA to 25 phone calls of people telling me I'm in the paper today?

"About me bullying Amelle, not being supportive, blah blah blah...

"In the past, I've let members talk c*** about me and tried to laugh it off because I know the truth.

"But not any more. I may come across as a hard nut sometimes, but I'm actually really sensitive and it destroys me to think that people today are going to read that and believe it."

Keisha added: "People see me as the longest standing member and assume I'm the b**** who causes people to walk. It's totally untrue.

"It's fair to say in the first line-up there were arguments.

"With the current line-up, I can honestly say that we all get along! I'm sure we bug each other at times, but I love them girls. And there has NEVER been bullying in Sugababes EVER! I don't know what to do anymore. I'll take a lie detector test to prove everything if I have to."

Even Keisha's boyfriend Dean Thomas joined in - slating Heidi and Amelle for not ringing their bandmate to offer her support.

He wrote: "I'm very disappointed. She hasn't even had one call from them."

Amelle had told friends she felt Keisha was jealous over her recent chart number 1 with Tinchy Stryder, Never Leave You.

She also featured heavily in the raunchy video for the Sugababes' hit Get Sexy. A pal said: "Keisha's said things to Amelle like, 'You are not that pretty, why do you get all the attention'?"

But the pal said a truce had now been declared, adding: "Amelle has spoken to both girls and apologised for missing some shows.

"She and Keisha have wiped the slate clean, but this should be a warning. She has been unhappy for several months now. It can't go back to how it was."

Cops were called after Amelle missed a string of public appearances and refused to answer pals' calls.

She had gone into hiding after a fall-out with Keisha, but was found in a pub with sister Zakiya near her home in Aldershot, Hants.

She told The Sun: "I don't want to talk about what happened but everything is OK now. I've spoken to the girls.

"We're going on tour, but I will be having a few more days to myself before I head off again."

The band are due to unite in Los Angeles next week to shoot their next video.

Keisha flew out early to see friends.


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