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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Megan: Being a zombie is dead sexy

Megan: Being a zombie is dead sexy

ACTRESS MEGAN FOX gave a deadpan verdict on her new role as a film ZOMBIE yesterday, insisting: "It is SO sexy."

She plays a back-from-the-dead cheerleader who kills and eats her classmates in horror/comedy flick Jennifer's Body.

And Megan, 23, said: "I think I'm pretty sexy in it. You'd better put on your sexy shoes for this movie." She said the film, out in October, carries a hint of lesbianism.

The Transformers star went on: "There's a girl-on-girl kiss. And beyond that, before every kill there is a seduction that occurs."

She said she loved the film because "it's so unapologetic and inappropriate".


And the lack of special-effects made it harder work than Transformers.

She warned fans: "There are no robots to distract you from whatever performance I give, so if it's terrible you will know. But the character was so much fun. I felt I was being able to make fun of my own image."

Click here to see the trailer for the movie.

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