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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Reef man comes out of his shell

A MAN who was dubbed the human coral reef after huge shell-like growths appeared all over his body has been cured.
Lin Tianzhuan was unable to move his arms and legs and said his "terrifying" condition made him feel like he was turning to stone.

The 38-year-old, of Shuimen in southern China, added people would scream when they saw him.

Horrified Lin became a hermit, hiding at the family home after he was shunned by friends and neighbours.

He began to notice the hard growths on his hands and feet when he was just 13.


He said: "They grew and grew and soon they were all over my arms and legs, my back and even my head. It was as if I was turning to stone and it was terrifying.

"Gradually my shell became thicker and thicker and I could no longer bend my arms or my legs. It was very frightening."

But now, thanks to a year of treatment and surgery by doctors from a special skin clinic, he only has a few discoloured patches of skin to show for his horrific condition.

Fuzhou Dermatosis Prevention Hospital vice president Dr Liu Yinghong said: "He may need radiotherapy for quite some time still but he has made very good progress."


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