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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Rihanna No Bra See-Through Nipple Ring Pictures (18SX)

Here is Rihanna with her pierced nipple wearing a black sheer tank top, braless, and being followed by a bunch of paparazzi with flash cameras to make her sheer black shirt even more see-through then what it already is to our benefit. Rihanna was arriving at Da Silvano restaurant in New York yesterday and showing off in the most awesome way except if she was completely topless. She "accidentally" showed off her nipple ring and her lovely breasts while out and about in the city. Or maybe she did it on purpose, we will never know. It made her the center of attention as if she wasn't already. Rihanna has figured out the most fundamental formula of the universe which state "nipple ring + tight black shirt + no bra + camera flashes = success" thus we can all enjoy the attention whoring results. The nipple ring was an interesting touch she could have done without. Nipples don't need decoration because you don't put decorations on top of decoration. BTW, I think Rihanna should know it is completely legal for her and all women for that matter to be topless in NYC. Next time... Click on pictures to enlarge.


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