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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Amy Winehouse Show Her New Breasts in a Low-Cut Red Dress (18SX)

Amy Jade Winehouse (born September 14, 1983 in Southgate, London, England) is an English soul, jazz, and R&B singer-songwriter

So, Amy Winehouse definitely got implants. And I think she is going to be a cleavage whore from now on. I am so sorry... If you thought Amy like to expose her breasts before, you ain't see nothing yet because I think the have created a monster. Or at least made a monster a whole lot worse. Yup, she got fake tits instead of cleaning herself up or lock herself up where no one can ever see her. I don't think larger boobs are going to hide the fact she still look like a train wreck and act like a crackhead because she is one. Here are a few pictures of the newly augmented Wino at The British Q Awards 2009 in London on Sunday showing the world her new boob. Excuse me while a vomit.


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