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Friday, October 30, 2009

Clothes for your cleavage - Vote For The Best

Fashion yourself sexier cleavage

Whether you're bursting out of your C-cups or smouldering in petite A's, the right necklines will make your decolletege really pop! Here, 10 celebrities show you the right outfits to rock your girls in.

BUSTED! The coverage of this dress makes Kate Hudson's boobs look small and undersized. We would have liked to see more fabric, perhaps.

BOOBALICIOUS! Kate (Hudson) isn't the most booby woman so drawing the eye away from a petite cleavage with sexy cut-out sides is the way to go. Wider shoulder straps on a dress also help disguise a small bust line.

BUSTED! We know Susan Sarandon's got an enviable cleavage but that dress really needs to be let out a little.

BOOBALICIOUS! At the 66th Golden Globes, the supportive bustier provided ample support for Susan's ample chest, making them look voluptuous without being too classless for her age.

BUSTED! Salma's cups runneth way over! Note to the well-endowed: put the puppies in a nice, classy cage. When you have that much 'substance', it's too easy to come across slutty if you don't cover up.

BOOBALICIOUS! By letting only a half moon peek up over sweetheart neckline, Salma shows us how to show off a voluminuos chest in style.

BUSTED! Sarah Michelle Gellar's 34B (unofficial) cleavage may not exactly be the stuff of porn stars, but they still deserve a proper airing and too-tight tops like these completely mask them and instead, cause unflattering spillage at the underarm.

BOOBALICIOUS! Now, here's an excellent example of sexy chic. Because SMG's got some lady lumps but not in ample proportions, she works a low neckline beautifully, titillating the keen observer without revealing too much.

BUSTED! It was obviously a nippy (pun intended) day out for JK Rowling. And ladies, you may not want to admit it, but after a certain age, and cup size, you just cannot do without a bra. The sag is unsightly!

BOOBALICIOUS! A square neckline is a busty girl's best friend, as the award winning author shows us, epitomosing the less is more philosophy.

BUSTED! The C in Anna Farris C-cups seem to stand for crushed! A bigger bust should never the squeezed to within an inch of its life like this.

BOOBALICIOUS! A plunging neckline shows of a mid-size cleavage beautifully.

BUSTED! When left unsupported, bigger busts risk looking lopsided.

BOOBALICIOUS! When properly uplifted with a corset, ScarJo's chest is absolutely to die for!

BUSTED! Again, it's a case of too much, too tight. How she's even breathing in that dress is beyond us.

BOOBALICIOUS! If you have it, flaunt it. The shadow of a cleavage is such a come-on!


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