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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Coco: My fling with a teacher (18sx)

SEXY ex-stripper Coco Lloyd has revealed she once bedded a teacher in a school classroom.

And the saucy member of X Factor group Kandy Rain said they were CAUGHT in the act by fellow pupils.

Stunning blonde Coco - real name Vicky Lloyd - laughed: "It was a bit of sex education for those kids."
She bragged about her lessons in lust while filming footage for a lads' mag, which has been unearthed by TV Biz.

The video, entitled Naughty Newcomers Strip For The First Time, was made in 2006 when Coco was just 18.

It shows her peeling off her clothes and writhing around topless on a bed wearing only her knickers.

Coco, from Hertfordshire, tells the camera: "The naughtiest thing I've ever done was probably when I started seeing a teacher for about two weeks.

"I followed him on his break into the classroom. We thought no one was in.

"But as we started getting jiggy some people had seen us coming in so it was a bit of sex education for all those kids."

Coco, now 22, did not identify the teacher but she is believed to have met him at college while studying for her A-levels between the ages of 16 and 18.

She also teasingly revealed she's hooked on sex and said: "I have a very high sex drive so I probably think about it about 80 per cent of the day."

A spokesman for the ITV1 talent show said Coco was "simply being cheeky" on the video and played up to the cameras.

She and her bandmates, mentored by Louis Walsh, will perform live for the first time in tonight's show at 8pm.


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