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Friday, October 2, 2009

Jacko Was 'healthy' Until Fatal Injection

MICHAEL Jackson was in good health until he was injected with powerful anaesthetic Propofol just before he died, a post mortem has revealed.
Apart from inflamed lungs the report did not identify any serious physical problems.

The finding that Jacko died solely from a lethal cocktail of drugs heaps pressure on his personal physician Conrad Murray.

Propofol - which is supposed to be administered only in hospitals - was found in Jacko's body, along with three sedatives.

The autopsy also revealed the 50-year-old had a bizarre tattoo stretching across his head from ear to ear in a bid to hide his baldness. His hair was receding from the front, but had been darkened by the inked pattern.

His remaining "tightly curled" hair was cropped and hidden under wigs he wore in public.

The pathologists revealed his lips had been coloured pink and his eyebrows were blackened by more tattoos. Other checks showed his heart and kidneys were healthy and his weight was fine for his height.

The coroner also noted patches of Jacko's skin had turned white - but other areas, including his legs, remained black.

It lends weight to the singer's insistence he had skin condition vitiligo, rather than cosmetic treatments. The coroner's report said there was "depigmentation" to Jackson's chest, abdomen, face and arms.

It also detailed evidence of the desperate struggle to save Jackson after his collapse at his LA home in June.

The autopsy noted chest bruising and cracked ribs from CPR, and a mechanical device known as a balloon pump inserted into his heart to try to restart it.

The coroner's office announced last month that the star's death was a homicide caused by "acute Propofol intoxication", with the other sedatives listed as a contributing factor.


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