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Monday, October 5, 2009

OZZY Passes "L" Test.. At 19th Attempt

Uh-oh... Ozzy’s passed test
OZZY Osbourne has finally passed his driving test - at the NINETEENTH attempt.

The legendary Black Sabbath hellraiser, 60, warned that after decades of lessons he was not planning to be a Sunday driver - so fellow motorists had better beware.

He jubilantly declared after getting his licence: "For the first time in my life I'm legal to drive - so watch out." Rock wildman Ozzy blamed his battle with the booze for keeping him off the road for so long.

Lifts ... wife Sharon Osbourne

He admitted he was only able to pass after sobering up at last. The veteran heavy metal star said: "I would go for my test - they would see me and go, 'No, Mr Osbourne!

"'Come back another day - I'm not even getting in the car with you'.

"I'd be walking around the test centre with a bottle of vodka in my pocket."

Six years ago he was almost killed as he attempted to hone his driving skills on a quad bike.

He crashed - and wound up in a coma with his neck, collarbone and six ribs broken. Ozzy, dubbed the Prince of Darkness, reveals his joy at passing his test in an interview tonight with BBC1's Graham Norton. Also on the show is the singer's devoted wife Sharon, 56, who is asked if she would be happy for him to give her a lift.

She has to think carefully for a minute, but faithfully insists: "Yes. Now my husband is officially allowed to drive, I WOULD get in a car with him."

Ozzy not only confesses that in the past he was too "p*****" to drive, but that his booze-fuelled lifestyle made it a real pain trying to recall crazy antics for his new autobiography.

He had to hire a ghostwriter to research it for him.

Ozzy candidly admits: "I didn't remember anything that happened in the past."


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