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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Jay Chou Will Take Over "The Green Hornet" From Stephen Chow ?

Since Hollywood Columbia announced it was remaking "The Green Hornet", it has garnered media attention because they strongly invited Stephen Chow to direct and star in the movie as Kato. A year has passed, the movie has been set for a release next year, yet it hasn't started filming. What is the reason, the cause is Stephen Chow. After resigning his role as the director, last month Stephen Chow went ahead and gave up on playing the role of Kato, this caused the movie company to have to find a replacement. Yesterday, some media discovered Stephen Chow's old buddy Tin Kai Man revealing in a blog that the main lead for "The Green Hornet" has already been set as Jay Chou.

Yesterday Tin Kai Man wrote on the blog: "The movie company has already found a person for "The Green Hornet"....the one to play "The Green Hornet" is Jay Chou." Afterwards when he was interviewed by the media, Tin Kai Man expressed with a lot of certainty: "I have my source. Actually Stephen never said he was going to do "The Green Hornet", it was just everyone rumouring it. It's all good now for me to say it, you don't have to disturb Stephen anymore." And as to why the movie company chose Jay Chou, Tin Kai Man revealed on the blog, in order to commemorate Bruce Lee, the people in America wanted to get someone who was a fan of Bruce Lee to play Kato, at the same time this person must be well known so Jay Chou was chosen in the end.

But when Jay Chou's agent Miss Chen was interviewed yesterday, she replied to this news "I'm not clear about this, I cannot confirm it". But Tin Kai Man told reporters that after finishing directing "Pandamen", Jay Chou will be heading straight to America to film "The Green Hornet".

credits: Jaychoustudio.


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