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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Oops..!! Rihanna See -Through Nipple Slip Yet Again

Rihanna showed up to the Woman of the Year Awards in New York City on Monday wearing a pretty white see-through dress that showed off her side boobs and nipples. And I am only calling her dress pretty because I can see her nipples. She was honored as one of Glamour Magazine's Women of the Year and accepted an award and gave a speech. But if you are wondering why Rihanna was honored as the "Woman of the Year," read the first sentence above again. She never wears a bra yet she love to wear sheer tops. And why shouldn't she? Some might call her an attention whore but I don't think thats it at all. Her breasts are spectacular and she want the world to know it. Rihanna love showing off her tits and that make her "Woman of the Year" in my book. Anyway, I always thought her boobs are natural but her side-boobs look a bit too round so I am thinking she got implants. There have been much speculation over the years on the authenticity of her twins and they are looking very questionable of late.Probably she went in for a touch up and a lift to perk things up after her boyfriend beat the shit out of her. Click on pictures to enlarge.


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