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Thursday, December 17, 2009


After completing the series of games, unlocking all his shackles, and making it to the final room, William finds himself between the cell that holds Pamela and the cell that holds Tara and Brent. At this point we find that Pamela is William's sister, and Tara and Brent are the widow and son, respectively, of the man whose death William is facing litigation over. Tara and Brent find that they were merely being held in the cell waiting for William to arrive, and now that he is here, they are given a choice. If they choose, they can kill William in front of his family, just as their loved one was forced to die in front of them. Pamela and William must both plead and beg for mercy, which falls on deaf ears as Tara doesn't want to see anyone else have to die the way her husband did. However she cannot bring herself to kill William. Brent, however, can, and he causes a large grouping of needles to drop from the ceiling and pierce William's back, injecting him with enough hydrofluoric acid to turn him into a disgusting pile of goo and organs.

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