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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Windows Tiny Vista Ultimate Rev2 Only 700mb

This is a copy of Windows Vista Ultimate that has been stripped of all the, let's
not lie, crap it has...

The overall install took me 10minutes on my laptop with 1gb of ram
It only used 5gb of my hardrive unlike the 17gb vista usually does...
If you want the nice look and workings of Vista but have a computer without the specs...
Look no further!!!! Tiny Vista Ultimate is your option
This has the vista aero theme and looks and works just like vista...

To put it short i installed this onto VMware and gave it 128mb or ram and it installed perfectly...

When I gave it 512mb it ran smoother then my xp does on my 2gb computer...

No Activation needed

256mb RAM
16mb Video Card
CPU: Tested on many and none have failed Even my 9yr old pc could install it
Well Basically this works on any pc!!!!!

-Disk Cleanup
-Mobility Center
-Speech Support
-Welcome Center
-Windows Sidebar and Gadgets

-Display adapters
-Diva Server
-QLogic Fibre Channel Adapter
-TV Tuners

-Game Explorer
-Inbox Games
-Premium Inbox Games

-Fax Support

-Simplified Chinese
-Table Driven Text Input Processor
-Traditional Chinese

-Media Center
-Movie and DVD Maker
-Music and Video samples
-Sample Pictures
-Windows Calendar

-Connect to a Network Projector
-Internet Information Services (IIS)
-Remote Desktop and Assistance
-Windows Collaboration

-Distributed Transaction Coordinator (DTC)
-Error Reporting
-Volume Shadow Copy
-Windows Search

-BitLocker Drive Encryption
-Component Cache (winsxs)
-Digital Locker
-Disk Defragmenter
-Disk Quota
-Guided Help
-IMAPIv2 Burning Support
-Malicious Software Removal Tool
-Manual Install (Setup.exe)
-Microsoft Agent
-Microsoft Message Queue (MSMQ)
-Natural Language
-Parental Controls
-Performance Counters
-Reliability and Performance Monitor
-Remote Differential Compression
-Run a legacy CPL elevated
-Security Center
-Sync Center
-System Restore
-Tablet PC
-User Account Control (UAC)
-Windows Backup
-Windows Defender
-Windows Easy Transfer
-Windows SAT (Performance Index)
-Windows Ultimate Extras

__________________________________________________ ___________________

OPTIONS (using vLite)
DEP (Data Execution Prevention) = Disabled (AlwaysOff)
User Account Control (UAC) = Disabled
AntiSpyware Realtime Protection = Disabled
Memory requirement = 256MB
AutoPlay = Disabled
Paging Executive = Enabled
Power scheme = Balanced
Power button = Default
Sleep button = Default
Hibernation = Off

TWEAKS (using vLite)
Control Panel - Classic View = Enabled
Show hidden files and folders = Yes
Show protected operating system files = Yes
Show extensions for known file types = Yes
IE Phishing Filter = Enabled
IE Phishing Verification Ballon Tips = Default


The "Last Session.ini" file for use with
vLite is included in the eXPerience folder
on the root of this CD.


All "Important" Hotfixes are integrated (using vLite) or installed
on first login. This brings Windows up to date up to August 2008.

When Windows is finished installing you will see a folder called
"eXPerience" on your desktop. This folder contains the following:

Comodo Firewall - Download and install this! Comodo Firewall Pro is
the very best software firewall available. You might wonder why you
would need a firewall since there already is a firewall in Vista,
but Comodo firewall is far better than the standard "Windows
Firewall" thats built into Vista.

Desktop Icon Layout - These registry files let you add or remove two
options on the right-click of your Recycle Bin: "Save Desktop Icon
Layout" and "Restore Desktop Icon Layout". This is handy in case you
change resolution and it moves your icons into the top left corner of
your screen, you can just restore the icons to their original
position, as long as you saved the layout beforehand!

Driver Install Tool - This has a small LAN driverpack, this same pack
is used on installation. You can add driverpacks to this folder, see
the ReadMe.txt file. Do not be put off by the XP driverpacks - in
VMware the old XP pack works for the Network adapter. The included
tool that scans for hardware knows it is running on Vista, its
unlikely that you'd get a wrong driver installed. Just leave obvious
ones alone like graphics, its not possible for the XP drivers to run
on Vista in a lot of cases!

Hibernation - batch files to enable or disable Hibernation. Microsoft
must have forgotten to put an option in the Windows GUI to enable or
disable Hibernation! How stupid is that? You could do it in Windows XP,
but not anymore in Windows Vista. So these batch files allow you to
instantly turn Hibernation on or off. Hibernation feature is disabled
in this installation. If you need to use Hibernation you'll have to
run the relavent batch file to enable it. NOTE: With Hibernation
enabled you're wasting as much hard drive space as the size of your
RAM so if you have say 2Gb of RAM, then you're wasting 2Gb of disk

Keyboard Settings - This install is set to U.S. keyboard by default.
To quickly open "Regional and Language Options" run the included file
"Quick Access.bat". There you can change your keyboard to your own
country if you need to.

nVidia Hotfix - If you have an nVidia GeForce graphics card, you
can always try this hotfix. This is only for nVidia cards, not ATI
or any other card. I tried to install this and I did not need it,
testing with an nVidia card so, maybe it is only for specific cards.

Registry Backup - Simple batch file to create a complete registry
backup, just double click the "Backup Your Registry.bat" file
included here.

User Password - Quickly set up your login password.

Download Link

Its Only Takes 6 Seconds to say "Thank You", or 4 seconds to say "Whoooo". Click HERE For More...


myapit said...

thank you very much... finally, fix my linux issues bcoz now i can run 'light' vista on my linux virtual box


hey dear thanks.


its great


hey dear is this windows registered or not
or active.
awaiting for your response

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