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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Kali Ni Aku Post Lagu Kegilaan Babi Awekz-Awekz Sekarang Ni.. Time Gi Kat Pasar Raya,
Pasar Malam, Pasar Tani, Jalan Pasar, Pasar Apa Yang Ada Gi Ha...??? Semua Pong Play Lagu Ni All Over Again... Aku Mula-Mula Lu pon Tak Minat Sangat Lagu Ni.. Tapi Skali Da Tengok
Mamat Ni Punya Muka ,Cair Siot.. Damn, I'm Sooo Gay Now..
Tapi Suara Dia Sumpah Sedap.. Hingga Menjilat Ibu Jari Kaki Yang Ada Cagu..

Ni Ada Sikit Info Pasal Justin Bieber :
- Pernah Jatuh Telaga Time Skodeng CikEpal Mandi... (Dengar Citer Patah Tulang Kering)
- Anak Cipan Kelapan Dari 17 Adik Beradik.
- Lahir Pada March 1, 1994. Tahun Gajah Kalau Ikut Kelendar Orang Korea
- Kebolehan : Vocals, guitar, piano, percussion, trumpet, Lari Dalam Guni
Lagi Senang Kalu Korang Google Sendiri... Aku Main Balun Je Ni... Kuikuikui...

 ade cam muka aku tak ??

"Baby" is a new song by Canadian recording artist Justin Bieber for his latest single from his album "World (Part II)". "Baby" is synthpop with R&B and hip-hop genres and written by Christina Milian, The-Dream, Christopher Bridges, Christopher Stewart and Justin Bieber. Island Records / RBMG is releasing this single as digital download format on 18 January 2010.

A few days before the release of the single, Bieber posted an acoustic version of the song to his YouTube with his guitarist Dan Kanter, similar to the way he did with "Favorite Girl". Billboard said that: "Bieber delivers his characteristically clean vocals with conviction: "My first love broke my heart for the first time / and I'm like, 'baby, baby, baby, no!' I thought you'd always be mine." Also in a review of the acoustic version Bill Lamb of said that "I think the vocals here will convince some that Justin Bieber really does have the vocal chops."

Download Link

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