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Thursday, March 4, 2010

New Proton's Geneva 2010 Concept Car Photo

After trolling teasing the public for the past month or so, Proton’s new concept car series - “EMAS” - was finally unveiled at the International Geneva Motor Show 2010 earlier today. The new concept cars are the result of design and technical collaboration between the national car maker, Lotus and renowned design house, Italdesign Giugiaro of Italy.

While the word “EMAS” actually means gold in Bahasa Malaysia, Proton EMAS Concepts has no direct relations with the precious metal. Instead, the word stands for Eco Mobility Advanced Solution, which describes the philosophy behind Proton EMAS Concept Cars’ designs.
First of all, they are designed as compact cars with an aim to have passenger room that are as roomy as SUVs. The cars also utilize a serial hybrid plug-in drive system developed by Lotus Engineering to make them friendlier to the environment, hence the word “Eco” in the series name. Other features of Proton EMAS series includes: 
  • The car is a creative collaboration with Italdesign Giugiaro.
  • The concept car will have 5 doors and will seat 4.
  • It is 3,550 mm in length, which is approximately a good half a meter longer than the Toyota iQ but shorter than the Proton Savvy.
  • The four seats will be independently adjustable and slideable.
  • The car will use a series hybrid drive. A combustion engine will be mounted at the front and will be used only to recharge lithium ion batteries.
  • The lithium ion batteries will drive the motor that moves the car.
  • It uses a special chassis with a raise floor that allows installation of the regular combustion engine at the front and batteries in the rear
  • According to Italdesign chairman Giorgetto Giugiaro, the car was designed to offer interior spaciousness of a D-segment car with the exterior dimensions of an A-segment car.
  • The hip point is designed to be at just the right natural and ergonomic height – you do not get down into the car like a short sedan or “climb” up into the car like an SUV.

Proton EMAS Concept Cars comes in three variations: five-door four-seater hatchback “EMAS” for comfort driving, a three-door five-seater hatchback “EMAS Country” for country driving, and a three-door 3+1 plus-seater “EMAS3” for city driving.
We have no idea when will the Proton EMAS series be available to public as production cars but for the meantime, you are welcome to droll over their pictures, right after the break. However, if you prefer technical numbers or requires further information about them, head on to Proton Concepts official website ( for the full blown details.
[source: Proton Concepts]


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