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Sunday, August 30, 2009

All American Rejects: Mobbed in Sunway

It was laughter all around as MSN Malaysia had a sit down with Tyson Ritter and Mike Kennerty of the All American Rejects. Read on as they give us their take on their (insane) Malaysian fans, the bittersweet revenge of “Gives You Hell” and the kind of girl that could win Tyson's heart.

What were you expecting from the Malaysian fans?

Just judging by the attack we suffered in the mall (Sunway Pyramid), we expect this crowd to be just as crazy and awesome.

What happened in the mall?

Tyson: We were just scooting away from like 200 people.

Mike: It was awesome though!

Tyson: I’ve never had 100 people chasing me ina mall. I have pictures, wanna see?
Tyson takes out his phone and looks through the Camera Roll.
So you took pictures of yourself while you were running?
Tyson: No, no. We were standing in line at Popeye’s.
Tyson: I went behind the counter at Popeye’s (to get that picture).
You should go to the mall more often.
Tyson: (laughs) And bask in it.
Mike: Yeah, just milk it.
Tyson: This is the coolest thing that’s ever happened to me.
I’ve seen the Hugo Boss ad campaigns with you and Lara Stone, shot by Terry Richardson. How did you get into modelling?
Tyson: I just got a call and they said, "we like your look and we’d like for you to wear our clothes." I said, "Of course."
What was it like working with such top people in the industry?
Tyson: It made me into a model. That shoot made me understand what modelling is. Watching Lara Stone, who isjust completely comfortable with herself, made me realize that. That spread she did for W (magazine), which was like… She is very, very crazy and sexy and avant-garde. And Terry Richardson who is probably one of the most sexual photographers I’ve ever worked with...sort of watching them shoot and blend together. It’s all about that dance you have with your photographer and it was on that shoot where I just realized "Wow" she is a supermodel and he is a bad ass and I learnt a lot. I just sat and watched.
On a scale of 1 to 10, how similar would you say that the world of modelling is to what we’ve seen in Zoolander?
Tyson: It’s probably exactly alike.
So you’ve got your Blue Steel look?
Tyson: Nah, I just take pictures, man. I know that the one thing I learned on that Hugo Boss shoot is that it’s about that relationship you have with the photographer and nobody else. If they work with you, then it happens. If they don’t, it’s going to be the most painful thing you’ve ever sat through.
Mike, how did the rest of the band respond when they heard the news and saw the advertisements?
Mike: Actually seeing the pictures is funny just because he seems like a different person, you know, with his hair up.
Tyson: It helped us in Germany.
Mike: It’s awesome! We’re proud of him because it’s something that he gets to do that not many people get to do so it’s awesome.
Tyson, will we be seeing you in any future campaigns?
Tyson: Yeah, I’ve got some stuff on the hook. I just did the Penguin ad for their new campaign which was cool because they put our record in the advertisements. It’s cool how, I think, fashion has always influenced rock 'n' roll and rock 'n' roll influences fashion. And the fact that we’re doing something like this. I always think about the Scott Weiland Prada ads and I just want that. And the fact that Hugo Boss is the man line, which is cool.
I wanna ask about your new record "Gives You Hell". What made you write that song? It seems a little bit bitter, a little bit moody.
Tyson: It is. Very bitter! It’s a big middle finger on our record. It’s a song about somebody who crossed our band and crossed me. I never thought that I could write that sentiment. It’s great because everybody knows that song but the person who it is about, doesn’t know. But they speculate. I’m sure. Every day. That it’s just eating them inside and the fact that that song went number #1. I think, was it, Carly Simon?
Mike: (nods head)
Tyson: I think she’s the only one who’s won as much as I have. In her song, “You’re so vain.” This is my sweet, sweet revenge.
So in your opinion, what’s the best way for getting over a relationship? Like a very nasty relationship.
Tyson: (exhales) Do it on the phone. No, I don’t know. Just err…be honest.
Would you prefer getting revenge or just completely cutting that person off?
Tyson: I think that if it’s a person you love and respect then you should do so respectfully and lovingly. You know, let it go. But if it’s a bitter she cheated on you sort of (situation), like somebody f**k you over, then you should f**k them right back. (laughs) Forgive my language.

Photo courtesy of MTV
Are you both attached or single?
Tyson: No, I’m single. He’s (gestures to Mike) very attached.
So what kind of girl would you go for?
Tyson: One that doesn’t play games. One that speaks honestly. I had a beautiful, beautiful evening with a very, very mature woman the other day. She told me that there are three things that you initially look for and that’s intelligence, humour and of course, initial attraction. And I think it’s attraction, humour, intelligence.
In that order?
Tyson: Not to be superficial but I think everybody has to be attracted to that person initially.
True. By the way, why did you shut down your Twitter account?
Tyson: I shut it down because it’s too uncomfortably close.I can be interesting by myself. I don’t need thousands of people to tell me I’m interesting.
Then how do you plan to keep connected with your fans?
Tyson: Music.
When will you guys be releasing another album?
Tyson: 2010
What’s it going to be like?
Tyson: It’s going to be the biggest growth that this band has ever seen. It’s going to be the record that either gives you more or stops giving you anything. I’m curious to see what is going to happen. And I know Mike is. I’m just ready to go back into a room and jam. That’s the one thing we did on this record at the very end.I’m hoping that we can make this record even more organic then we made the last one.
What do you have to say about the next record?
Mike: I’ll have to see. I think it’s funny because with each record, you know, I think we assume we can make it the way we made the previous one. And then find out that no, we can’t do that. We have to discover how to make it. I’m excited to find out how we’re going to do this one.
We’ve seen some American artistes with a very distinct image, like modern day Green Day with their suits, the trendy Jonas Brothers and Jason Mraz with his fedoras. How would you describe The All-American Reject’s image?
Tyson: I think we’ve changed so much that we’re just real people who grew up in front of a camera. I think our image is just the fact that we’re rejects. Anybody can be a reject. Whether you wear the black eyeliner and paint your nails black. Like our fans are completely all over the place. We get people that listen to My Chemical Romance and others who listen to Bon Jovi. If you get The Rejects, then you’re a reject with us and I think that’s our image, the fact that there’s no image.
You guys are on the road a lot. What do you never travel without?
Mike: Probably, superficial things, like you know, computer and that’s pretty much it. That’s all I need.
Tyson: I started putting glitter all over my body for the show. I don’t wear a shirt normally but they’re making me wear a shirt today (for MTV World Stage), which sucks. I like wearing suits actually. It makes me feel nasty and messy as I get on stage, I get to get that nice love at the end of every show. It’s fun. I need my suits.
Do you ever get tired of being on the road and what do you do to take a step back and get away?
Mike: When we do have a little bit of time off, vacation for us is going home and doing nothing. A lot of people try their whole life to get away from that, we embrace it.
Tyson: Yeah, I fly kites on the beach.Little cheap 5 dollar kites. I stand there in a linen suit with a drink in my hand. That’s it.
But if you’re all on the road together and you’re like all in the hotel room and bus together and you can’t get away, how do you retreat into your own space?
Tyson: Like this (swivels in chair).
Laughter all around.
Mike: Pretty much, we can read each other well and we know when each other needs space so…
Tyson: Yeah, I can be naked with this guy and completely not pay attention to the fact that he’s naked next to me if I need to.
You talked about suits before, what are some of your favourite brands?
Tyson: I’m a cheap ass, so I like the fact that Topman makes a really nice cheap suit. Dior, for both of us. We love Dior. When I put on a pair of Dior pants and I stand up, they like close themselves. They do, I swear to God! They’re just the best fitting clothes. But we’re skinny little people with no a**es. Well, you have an a** (looks at Mike)
Mike: (smiles)
Tyson: I don’t have an a** so…
How’s progress on the band’s clothing line, “Butter the Clothes”?
Tyson: Ah, I’ve just sorta let that go. I mean, it’s still there but I’m just...we’re just so damn busy. We don’t have time for it right now. I’m going to put out…I think I’m going to do a sweater, like a cardigan.
If the world came to an end, like Armageddon, what’s the last thing you guys would do?
Mike: Sit back, eat some Mexican food, drink a Doc Pepper. That’s about it. That’s all I need.
Tyson: Poison myself.
Mike: I’ll beat you to the punch.
Tyson: I’ll get as many controlled and uncontrolled substances as I can find. I mean, that’s not what I would recommend, but… I mean, if the world’s going to end, I might as well just go for it. Yeah. A lot of booze, a lot of drugs; but in a respectful way, because I’ll be wearing a suit.

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