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Monday, October 26, 2009

Attantion To All Facebook User...!!!!

Please forward this Post to all your friends who have play facebook ,

Now Facebook had allowed advertiser to using your or your friend photo to put into advertising. To avoid situation above happend , please follow below instruction :-

Go to Setting>>>>> choosePrivacy Setting>>>>>News Feed and Wall>>>>>Facebook Ads>>>>>No One>>>>>Save Changes.

Remember change to No Oneat up and down page !

p/s : If you don't forward this to your friends or the others, don't blame me to not inform you the news !


设置>>>>>隐私设置>>>>>实时动态和涂鸦墙>>>>>Facebook广告>>>>>无人save changes


p/s : 如果没有转发,你们的照片给不法+变态+没礼貌的广告商使用,别怪我没提醒你们啦~


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