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Friday, October 16, 2009

Paris Hilton's bubble bursts

PARIS HILTON'S naked form can't save her wine collection being canned.

The socialite stripped off and covered herself in gold 
paint to promote her range of sparkling Prosecco.
But after poor sales figures, the wine has now been 
blasted by food chiefs - who say it can't be served in a TIN.

They've bottled it ... Paris stripped for ads but her wine has been banned

The bubble burst when the Italian Agriculture Ministry launched a legal challenge to ban makers from calling the canned wine a 'rich prosecco,' on the grounds it was not being served in a bottle.

Strict rules prevent sparkling prosecco wine from being sold in anything except a bottle.
However maker Gunther Aloys has defended the product
He said: "We'll just change its name - and we're talking with Paris about extending our contract to market the new product."
Aloys, who runs a hotel in the posh western Austrian ski resort of Ischgl, said he expected to sell around five million cans this year.


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