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Friday, October 16, 2009

six-month-old Baby's miracle train escape (Video)

THIS heart-stopping CCTV footage shows a baby's miracle escape after his pram rolled under a commuter train.

Miracle ... train ploughs into tot - but lad survives

Horrified witnesses at the station looked on helplessly as the six-month-old boy fell off the platform and under the wheels of the 250-ton train.

But unbelievably the lad was pulled from the tracks after being dragged 30metres down the line with just a bump on his head.
The near miss happened in Melbourne, Australia, as the afternoon rush hour train pulled into the station.
The huge train ploughed into the flimsy pram at 25mph as it slowed to stop at the station.
The boy's distraught mother and other stunned witnesses ran down to tell the driver fearing the baby had been crushed.
But he was safely back in his mum's arms just moments later when ambulance crews arrived.
Ambulance Victoria paramedic Jon Wright said the baby had suffered only a bump to the side of the head.

He said: "Apparently he needed a feed and a nap."
Workmen later recovered the shattered remains of the pushchair and other belongings spread across the track.
They believe the pushchair shielded the baby from the undercarriage.
The near-tragedy follows a spate of dangerous incidents involving prams on Melbourne's rail network.
Mr Wright said the narrow escape showed how careful parents have to be.
He said: "Luckily he was strapped into his pram at the time, which probably saved his life. I think the child's extremely lucky."
He continued: "Fortunately the train was slowing as it pulled into the station.
"It's a good learning point for parents to ensure that children are securely strapped into whatever transport medium they're in, be that a car seat or a pram."
The baby was taken to a local hospital and released last night.
A police spokeswoman described the escape as amazing, saying: "This could have been so much worse. We're very thankful."


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