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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Naked Couple Enjoy Having Sex In A Clock Tower

TWO young lovers are caught enjoying a daring nude romp in the shadow of a giant city centre clock.

The mystery pair, thought to be students, climbed on to the balcony of the historic tower before cavorting in full public view.

Shoppers pointed and laughed as the couple got carried away in Sydney, Australia.

One said: "They seemed to know they could be seen, but were totally unfazed."

Still, you know what they say: Cometh the hour, cometh the man.

What a Big Cock Clock

aReaL Say: Apa La Diorang Ni, Takda Tempat Lain Ke Nak Buat Projek.. Aku Rasa Mungkin Yang Pempuan Tu Nak Test Pakwe Dia Berapa Minit leh Bertahan Kot... Kuikuikui...


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