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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Jewelry Made out of Colored Pencils

pencil jewelry
Love those rings. What an awesome idea by Maria Christina Bellucci.

Belucci Art
coloured pencil ring
only wood ring color

Barang2 Ni Xleh Kena Air Liur.. Pasal Kalu Kena Je Air, Dia Terus Te Transform Bertukar Menjadik Water Kaler... Kuikuikui... Underware Anyway.. Aku Suka Yang No.1 Tu... Rase Macam Nak Je Aku Bli Satu Bagi Bini-Bini Aku...  Korang Bleh La Pilih.. Bleh Campor, 2 Singgit (Lagi2 2 Singgit)

Source and more information: klimt02

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